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Find beautiful, affordable and reliable garage doors and openers at Door # One. We stock a wide selection of products by Northwest Door® and Liftmaster®, and we invite you to explore all of our available products in the following categories:

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How to Select the Right Door

The garage is an essential part of most new homes. Once, garages were hidden behind the home, but today they are often at the front of the house, making them an important focal point of your home. Here are some things to consider when selecting a garage door:

  • Should the existing door be replaced with the same type and style of door, or is it time for a design or colour change? Perhaps windows through the top section they are not only attractive but they will bring in some natural lighting.
  • Consider the lines in the structure of your home: is your home a single level bungalow? Or a multi level family home?
  • There are many styles and designs in today’s market place—do you want to match the horizontal lines of your front entrance door?
  • Is your garage attached to your home? If so, consider getting an insulated garage door, as it will help reduce heating costs. It will also help keep any bedrooms or areas above the garage warmer.
  • Will your family be using the area next to the garage for recreation? This is another scenario in which you might prefer an insulated door—polyethylene panels are more durable and dent resistant than other types of doors, and will stand up well to basketballs, hockey pucks and other things running into them.
  • What kind of material would you like? Garage doors are made from many materials nowadays, including wood, steel, aluminum and composites.

    »  How will your garage be weathered? Will the door be subjected to significant sun exposure? Will the door         be pounded by wind and rain on stormy days?

    »  Does your driveway run down and into your garage?

    »  Do leaves, dirt and water collect at the bottom of the door?

Size Considerations

All doors made from wood or steel should be about 2” larger than the door opening. This is relatively easy to achieve with a wooden door, as most are custom made. Steel doors, however, are manufactured in standard widths: 8’ – 9’ – 10’ – 12’ – 14’ – 16’ – 18’ – 20’. Most double garage doors are 16’ wide.

One final note: although most steel door manufacturers produce non-insulated doors up to 18’, it is our professional opinion that any door over 14’ in width should be an insulated door simply for the added strength and rigidity, especially if you plan on putting an automatic opener on it.

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